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Insurance Collision Center I Inc

59  Reviews

(310) 577-3333
4210 Del Rey Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-5606
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(310) 577-3333

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Marina Del Rey

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Average Rating (59)


ICC is such an amazing place! I was rear-ended and have insurance that turned out to be not very helpful. I had my car towed to ICC and not only did they take good care of it, but they also helped me through the whole process and turned a bummer situation into one where I came out on top because I had the information I needed. I highly recommend ICC to everyone!!!


So I get EVERYTHING on my car fixed for only $1200 whereas in other place, it would have taken $1500 just for the keyed hood and fender!!! It looks GREAT! I love it! And they also said they threw in a new emblem on the truck, which I checked my paperwork that they DIDN'T charge me for. All in all, I was mightily impressed with ICC's work, their affordable prices, and quick turnaround. It also totally rocked that they provided doughnuts, and coffee in their waiting area, so Yeah, I'm telling everyone!


Not a fan of going to body repair shops, but since some impatient LA driver hit my passenger side, it was time. The other driver's insurance took full responsibility and they recommended ICC. Setting up an appointment was a breeze, after inspection, the estimate time in the shop was 2-3 weeks, but that got cut in half to just about 1.5 weeks. The results are outstanding; they seriously work magic and bring your car to dealer showroom new. A BIG plus w/ this ICC location is that they have not just Hertz but also Enterprise for a car rental. Extremely convenient! Hopefully I don't have another accident, (knock on wood) but if I do I'll be returning here.


Forget the rest, go to the best. 100% satisfied is what you get here! My car looks fantastic.


Went to this body shop because my agent said it was a good place. Understatement, these people are the best, they treated me like a friend and made my car beautiful again. Love my Subaru!


It was my very first car wreck on the way back from a job interview in in Marina and my car was completely crushed. I had it towed to ICC and the staff there gave exceptional service. I worked with Tony - who explained the whole process of insurance estimates and explained all of the different methods of repairing the car so that my insurance company would not be able to cheat me. Everyone I talked to was patient and understanding and really seemed to be looking out for me as their customer. He even recommended that I give up my salvage title to the insurance company - even though it meant less money for him. I would strongly recommend anyone who needs body work done to go there, especially if you have to go through your insurance.


Dealing with body shops or anything car-related can be a huge dread. Not so with ICC and especially Jack! He was friendly, knowledgeable, and took great care to explain everything my car would need for its repair. And the best part was that my car was done a day and half earlier than he first estimated. Would happily send friends and family here. Highly recommend ICC.


ICC you saved me from certain death. My Mom's car looks great now. I can't drive it anymore though.


Great work, highly recommend! Thank you for keeping my car from falling apart, I appreciate your efficiency toward your work.


If I ever wreck another car, I will bring it to ICC. Well done chaps.


ICC Collision was recommended to me by a friend - and I'm recommending them to everyone I meet!!


I found this shop on line after seeing all the great reviews it got. After having my truck repaired for damage caused in an accident I can say I was definitely pleased with the service. Tony was extremely helpful in navigating the insurance process and made it obvious that customer service was a high priority. I would recommend this shop for anyone looking for professional, honest work.


I was referred to ICC by my insurance company. And yes, they do take a while to get the job done, but I have to say Peter was really great at calling me and giving me the update and status on what was happening while waiting for my repairs. When they gave me my car back, it looked almost new. I have had no complaints since and it's been 4 months since the accident.


My wife and I were very impressed with the service, the car looks superb!


Every time someone asks me to review them online I feel obligated to be as truthful as possible so that my objectivity can be useful to others on the net. These guys are freaking awesome!!!


ICC Auto Body is a great shop to take your car to. The service, quality and people are great especially Ed. If you have a dent or two, Ed can help you. I would definitely recommend my family & friends to ICC.


I am so pleased with the way my car turned out I am telling everyone because if it turned out bad I would tell everyone as well. Good job ICC.


After having my car service by two other body shops, the guys at ICC Marina Del Rey fixed my issues the other shop did not catch. Very great customer support and appreciation. 5 Stars.


Highly recommend them as far as work quality goes. Price is average but worth it. If you’re going through insurance, I would say this is a good option.�Turn-around is slow but they do good work and so worth the wait.


ICC Auto Body did a great job on repairing my rear bumper on my 3 series. Although I did not require a new rear bumper to be delivered to ICC for my repair, my car was returned to me in a very timely manner. I left my car at ICC on Monday morning and they returned it to me, repaired and painted, on Tuesday evening. The paint was blended perfectly. In addition to the repair, Tony was very gracious and informative on every detail that I needed and wanted to know about the repair. He is also a genuinely nice guy to talk to and do business with. ICC also made sure I had a ride to and from Enterprise rent-a-car down the street in a timely fashion. The only minor complaint I have was that there was a clip (the type that clip bumpers onto the frame of the car) left in the front passenger seat after the repair. I cannot seem to find out where that clip goes, but everything seems to be intact and well fit. No shakes, no vibrations. Otherwise, great job!


Courteous, honest, fast, and the work was excellent. This is the best body shop I have ever been to and I worked as an auto claims adjuster for 5 years. Very good experience.


I am really happy with my car thanks to all the folks over at ICC. Excellent workmanship and superior customer service.


Well here is a place I hope you won't have to need.� But in the unfortunate luck of a damaged car, ICC is there to help.�Actually ICC is there in good times too. I have used them twice. One was when my car was hit at a parking lot, and the other, when I had some extra money to upgrade some parts on my car.�


Call me accident prone, but I have taken my car to ICC collision in Marina Del Rey a few times, and have always been completely happy with the results! Car comes back shiny & new. Tony always made the repairs so manageable, and makes a bad situation easy to fix. He walked me through the process every step of the way. Great personal customer service! I trust Tony & ICC, & would definitely refer them to friends!


What else can I say that hasn't been said about ICC yet? This shop is the best! Tony and Jack they definitely explain what is going on! They do care about Customers. In my case, I was on a business trip and called Tony to let him know I would be there by a certain time. Ran into traffic on the way over and Tony stayed far beyond closing time...how's that for Customer Service!!! I highly recommend ICC. If you want your car fixed the right way in a pleasant environment, this is the place to go!


Had the misfortune of having my car damaged in the parking lot when I was out grocery shopping. I notified my insurance company and they gave me a list of preferred auto body shops that they work with. After checking out the list using online reviews, I noticed that ICC Auto Body got phenomenal reviews. Well, the reviews don't lie. This has been the most professional experience I've ever had with an auto body shop. The work was completed in the promised time frame of a week and the work was superb.


ICC, you Rock! Definitely the type of service we expected!


They are amazing and the quality of service is excellent, no regrets. Very happy and satisfied.


Good service, good work, good place. Highly recommend.


Good service, good work, good place. Highly recommend.


Good service, good work, good place. Highly recommend.


Good service, good work, good place. Highly recommend.


Quick instillation, great customer service, and integrity! I had a broken mirror and kept getting "we don't really do replacements, go to your dealership" from different body shops. I called ICC and spoke to Tony and he told me to come by on Tuesday and they'd take care of it, he gave me a great price too. I got there and explained I was on a tight schedule that i had 2 buses to catch (being w/o my car). He said that it should be quick but not to worry about the bus, they could get me a ride (I worked about 2.5 miles away). He checked with the mechanics and came back in 15 minutes with it installed & done! I could not believe it! He said it was quicker to install than it would be to do the paperwork so he said no charge! I honestly didn't know if I should tip him or hug him! I got to work early and this just really made my day.


Good old fashion service, keep it up. Thank you for your efficiency and flawless service.


I left my car at the valet at Spago and when I returned my car looked like a Pug which is pretty funny considering that is the breed of my dog. Spago paid for my repairs and suggested I go to ICC in Marina Del Rey. The restaurant is a five star so I figured they wouldn't steer me wrong. I dropped of my car and all the people at ICC were really great. I checked on line and saw some bad reviews so I got worried. I called Spago and Eddie told me not to worry. 5 minutes later a guy from ICC who I didn't get his name called me and really made me feel safe about the whole thing. Well Eddie was right, my car is perfect, can't tell the difference. So all I have to say about that is thank you ICC.


I only had some minor work done on my front bumper (my new car got backed into and had a major dent and scratches), but I have to say ICC went well beyond my expectations! �I had an appointment for an estimate within a couple days, and they went ahead and ordered the parts for me before I took my car in so I wouldn't be car-less longer than necessary. �They took my car in on a Monday and I figured with the way these things work I wouldn't see it again for at least a week, but I got a call the next day saying it was ready to be picked up. �Overall the process was quick and painless, the staff was nice and efficient, and Jack was super helpful! �He called and gave me updates and made sure I knew where we were in the process. �I would most definitely bring my car here again (though I hope I won't have to!)


After someone put a dent in the right rear side of my car and leaving no information, I wasn't looking forward to having to fix my car. Knowing the location of the dent, I figured there would have to be some body work and painting done in addition to replacing the rear bumper. After an initial estimate, I dropped my car off on a Monday morning and was given a time table of 5 days. I was shocked to receive a phone call the next day informing me my car was ready for pickup and I could stop by after work that night. Jack - my customer service rep - kept in touch and informed me of the progress and was very helpful. Most importantly, the car looked brand new and no one would know the car had been hit unless I told them. 5 stars for customer service and the work done.


Being in a car accident is no laughing matter and everyone knows getting your car fixed can be an equally painful experience. As a single mom I am always fearful of car guys, mechanics, and the whole car thing. I was injured in my accident and was in the hospital for a day for a broken arm. When I went to call the shop where my insurance told me to go, I was immediately relieved. The girl on the phone, not knowing my situation, asked me if I was all right, if anyone was hurt in the accident. Her empathy and genuine concern for me and my well being meant a lot to me. We talked for 5 minutes before she even brought up the car. I thought that was really a unique and special way to connect with the customer. The really great part was that they fixed my car and delivered it to my home because I couldn’t drive. They were so nice and professional I expected nothing short of the best work from them and that is what I got. My car is all better now and so am I, thanks ICC.


My '11 Camry was involved in a very serious accident 9 days after purchasing it, only to find out that the responsible party was only insured for $5k property damage. The damages on my car alone were over an initially estimated $8500 ... not to mention medical, rental, etc. The staff at ICC did everything possible in assisting me with this devastating affair. I was actually left feeling like I saved as much money as possible, and somehow with a smile on my face. Thanks for the hard work and the extremely fast recovery period..... you're the best!


I've been meaning to write this place a review for months now. This place is wonderful. Armen is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I took my car in after I was rear-ended a few months ago and he was very helpful and honest. I did not expect to receive an education about how auto insurance companies handle things - and boy I was glad I met Armen! Even after our short 10-minute conversation, he made me feel at home and I completely trusted what he had to say. That definitely says a lot, because there are so many not-so-great service reps out there just looking to make a sale - especially to females who "have no clue" about cars. I brought my husband in (just in case) so I wouldn't get ripped off as with most places, but my husband even felt the same way as me about Armen - very honest, caring, and trustworthy. Thanks for being such a great resource Armen. I hope I don't have to come back here again, but if I must, ICC will be my top pick. Thanks again!


I’ve taken my car here twice for repairs and both times it was a good experience. �It can be a busy place, and I did have to wait about 15 minutes to meet with the estimator, but other than that it was all positive. �I like that you can get your car rental right there. �My insurance company recommended this place, which made everything really simple, as they had already called all my info in. �When I was dropping off my car I had my one year old with me and the guys were super helpful of moving everything out of my car into my rental. �Also, I like that they email you updates on the status of your car , which is easier than doing a bunch of back and forth on the phone. �Just got my car back from the second repair today and it looks great!


Tony was topnotch from estimate to communication to picking up the car--this man takes great pride in his job and it shows.


My car got reared when I parked it right in front of my apartment, but thanks to a kind witness, he left a note on my car and tracked the lady down. The damage would had cost me almost 2 grand; thanks to AAA, they took great care of everything. They were real professional and persistent in following up. The ladies at the counter are very helpful and friendly. Even after a long day, they still try to put a smile on your face. The usual wait for repair is a week and a half but it took three to four days instead. How amazing. It looks better than I first saw it. To everyone who works here, thank you for putting so much for making this accident a blessing in disguise.


I see why this place has 5 stars overall. They do everything from custom bodywork to your basic scuffed fender. �This is the kind of company I like: they don't toot their own horn, instead they let their work do the talking. They so honest. �I got a much higher quote from another place, to do a bunch of work that I see now I don't really need. As someone mentioned, Tony is definitely on the ball with insurance. �He told me what my insurance would pay (and stuff it would not pay for). �He also discussed various insurance companies with me, since I said I was looking for another insurance company. Awesome place.


Had to get my car fixed after hitting an 18 wheeler tire on the freeway. The bumper was ripped, undercarriage destroyed, fog lights missing, and etc. Tony at ICC was very informative and tried to help me save wherever I can by saying if I can bring parts in at a lower $$ he will give me a credit. Due to my scheduling I decided to just let Tony take care of everything. Tony gave me an ETA on when the car will be ready and was spot on. Overall it was a very hassle free experience and the car looks better than I drove off the lot. What I liked most with ICC is that it is run by people who actually like cars and are in the best interest for their customers.


Had my car repaired here for undercarriage/wiring damage and a stolen side mirror cap. �Went through my insurance and they offered ICC as one of their recommended body shops. �I made an appointment and brought my car in to have them take a look. �They made a call to BMW asking for parts, and told me they'd call me when the car was ready. I was expecting maybe a week's worth of wait, seeing as they'd have to wait for the parts to come in. �But lo and behold, the next evening they called me and let me know the car was ready for pickup. �I got it the next morning, and it looked as good as new! �Would highly recommend ICC to anyone needing auto body work in the area.


Had to bring my car in for some body work and I couldn't be more satisfied with the current condition of my car and the service I received. I worked with Tony who was very prompt and helpful when it came to all aspects of the process. I had to get a rental, usually frustrating and nerve wracking, but their Hertz staff on site made things really easy and gave me a fun toy car Kia for a few days. My car was done in 3 days and all of my little scratches were touched up for no additional charge. Such a delight considering my car is black and everything marks it. Will definitely come back if I need other services done.


These guys are topnotch! �They fixed some bumper and fender damage, replaced my grill, and installed a new headlight, on my Camry and it looks as good as new. They definitely spent a lot of time trying to explain the process and made sure that everything got fixed...and they got the job done fast. �Tony definitely took very good care of me by keeping me informed of where they were with the progress of the repair and he even helped me through a lot of the red tapes that State Farm sent me through to get the job done. �The whole process took about 1 week, 3 days of which were idle because State Farm was dragging their feet. I hope I never need these guys again, but if I ever need a great body repair shop, I will definitely be back. �I would definitely feel comfortable recommending them to friends and family should they need a great body repair shop!


My car was rear-ended and I needed to have my bumper replaced. I got a cost estimate from insurance on a Monday, set up an appointment with ICC Collision for the next day, and was able to pick my car up on Wednesday! They have Hertz in-house so I was even able to arrange my rental all in the same building! Manny was the guy I worked with and he did a great job and kept me updated on everything. The ladies at the front desk were also very friendly and helpful. My car looks great and hasn't been this clean since I bought it! Hopefully I won't need body work anymore but in the event I do, I will definitely come back to ICC and recommend it to my friends.


You guys are the best of the best! Mercury asked me to take my car to you guys and I didn’t know what to do because I have never been in an accident before. Thank you for being so patient with me. Sorry I was such a basket case but you all made it better. Thank you so much.


I would like to congratulate ICC Collision Center at Marina Del Rey for its outstanding staff namely Mr. Jack. Mr. Jack has that rare ability to communicate effectively and meet his customer's needs. He is quite an asset for ICC Collision Center in Marina Del Rey.


Eddie took amazing care of me and my car! I hope I don't have another need to visit ICC during the lease of my car, but if I do, I'll be calling ICC, asking for Eddie, knowing my car will be in great hands! THANK YOU


I always get my car fixed by you guys cause I always need my car fixed. Says a lot about me right? Good service is why I always return. I don’t have a clue about car repairs but I figured out that if the service is good, the car must be good too. Well at least I have never had any trouble with my car and my mechanic says he can’t tell what was done, so that’s good right? I like all the girls at ICC too, they are really cool.

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Thanks to ICC, my car is in one piece again. The girls in your office are so nice. Whoever trained them should be commended. The entire staff really treated me like a queen.


I can’t believe my eyes, my car is so nice. They washed it or detailed it and it looks brand new and smells so good. I can’t tell about mechanical stuff but it look great and drives great so I think it’s great.


I had my M6 repaired at ICC last month, I went there because it was close to my Marina home and they seemed like nice people. I had both my bumpers painted and my driver side mirror. I really love my car and I am very picky when it comes to getting my car serviced or letting anyone wash it or even touch it. I had gone to 3 other local body shops and chose ICC because they work on BMW and they had a lot of BMW cars there. I was given a fair price, it was in the mid range of the other estimates I got from other body shops. The work took about 4 days and when I went to get my car they had it all detailed and ready to go. I was impressed by the factory color match and the detail of the whole job was superb. You guys will be the only body shop that ever touches my car again. Great work, fair price 5 stars.


My days of wrecking cars are over, never going to do that again. Thanks to you guys I am back on the road car looking great. Can you recommend a driver for me? I have no business driving after that ordeal. Your service and excellent repair work made it less painful but don’t want to see you guys under the same circumstances. I will however be back for my paint maintenance. Good company, highly recommend.


I can’t believe how nice my car looks. When they told me it was going to cost over 6000 I almost didn’t want the car back. Thank you ICC for the great work you do. After speaking with your staff I feel safe again. Everyone was very knowledgeable and professional.


I dropped my car off at ICC and then read the yelp reviews and I wondered what kind of mistake had I made! I think it would be good to remember that people who have negative experiences tend to write reviews more often than those who are satisfied. It becomes a venting reaction. The only reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 was because of the length of time it took. The car looks brand new where they repaired it and during the process, I was able to communicate with ICC in a satisfactory manner. What else is there to review?

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(310) 577-3333

4210 Del Rey Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

"Forget the rest, go to the best. 100% satisfied is what you get here! My car looks fantastic..."

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11170 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

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